ICC Day 2

Culture Glasses

Yesterday was a professional development day. I was lucky enough to get in on the first round of “Day 2” of intercultural competency training. (I did Day 1 in August.) Our ICC committee has actually designed this curriculum for us with help from Janet Bennett from the Intercultural Communication Institute. It includes activities and topics specifically targeting what the school as a whole needs to work on. The workshops are facilitated mainly by teachers and involves all faculty and staff. The scope of this is what the implementation of real change looks like. Continue reading “ICC Day 2”

Schematic of Gamer Progression #videogamesandlearning @coursera


I’m taking two classes through Coursera right now: Comic Books & Graphic Novels and Video Games & Learning. I’ve already read Persepolis and American Born Chinese for the comic book class. I’m really excited about supporting our 8th graders as they read Maus (and teachers as they teach it) this year and working with our art teacher on creating resources for teaching visual culture. Continue reading “Schematic of Gamer Progression #videogamesandlearning @coursera”

Would your students have been able to do your assignments 20 years ago?

Ruben R Puentedura’s model for enhancing technology integration.

I’ve been thinking about innovation in education recently. Actually, I pretty much always thinking and reading about it. Yet somehow the SAMR model for technology integration had never come across my screen. I was scrolling through Feedly and up popped this blog post by Jeff Utecht about using iPads to replace textbooks. His point was essentially, “Really? That’s the best we can think of?”

It got me to thinking about where my teachers are on the continuum of integrating technology. Are their “projects” innovative or just tied with the shiny bow of new technology? Continue reading “Would your students have been able to do your assignments 20 years ago?”