It’s Complicated, by danah boyd

It’s Complicated: The social lives of networked teens, by danah boyd

I just did a power read through of this book in order to pass it on to a friend before spring break. Wow. It is right on with what our tech department is saying and so important for parents and educators to read!

My biggest takeaways:

  1. Kids are doing what they’ve always done, technology just makes it look different, BUT technology does afford new possibilities, so some things may actually be different.
  2. Adults need to be engaged in social media with kids, but not always/everywhere and not as stalkers/surveillance, and kids need more geographic freedom and free time.
  3. Social networks online mirror social networks in real life, which are generally drawn along racial and socioeconomic lines, but even moreso. If an independent school is truly interested in increasing the socioeconomic diversity of its student body, it’s going to have to engage in the conversations with students about social media, because that will play a huge part in whether new students can navigate, adapt, and feel accepted in the new school while still preserving their identity in their non school community.
  4. Context collapse.

Here are some important points/quotes that I pulled out: Continue reading “It’s Complicated, by danah boyd”