White privilege is…



not having to wonder

  • whether a landlord would accept my application based on race.
  • whether my landlord would be the same race or if that would even be an issue.
  • whether I would be accepted in whatever neighborhood I chose.
  • whether I would be judged by the friends that I asked to go look at it.
  • whether I should look for certain neighborhoods.
  • whether my name would cause questions.
  • whether I could comfortably ride the bus for a commute.
  • whether new neighbors would question my family structure.
  • whether my race would have any bearing on my success in graduate school.

As many of (the few of you) who read my blog know, I’ll be leaving my job here at the end of the year and moving on to graduate school at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. We’re just at the point of finding a rental, and as I was scouring craigslist and contacting landlords, I was reminded of White Like Me, by Tim Wise, which I read just after attending POCC.

#PoCC13 – Getting Ready

 “Why did you want to come to PoCC?” Um, school initiative … mumble … intercultural competency … mumble mumble … A colleague told me it was the best conference she’d ever been to? I don’t know what I need to know? Maybe it is unnecessary to state this, but I am white. So why would I attend a People of Color Conference?

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