I want my students to connect with the course material and with each other to create a local network of ideas and expertise. To this end, I organize my classes to engage student interest by providing a range of topics and formats for final projects. Similarly, I seek to build relationships with through regular meetings, such as 1:1 conferring with me, and structured collaborative activities, such as design projects.


Instructor, Theory and Practice in Educational Planning, University of Wisconsin, Spring 2019. Syllabus here. Teaching Evaluation here.

  • “Julie did a fantastic job with this course! I especially appreciated the connections she provided by bringing in regional experts to speak to the various topics. I also appreciated the timely relevance of the readings. She didn’t assign anything that wasn’t on target with the topics in the syllabus. She also made sure that the assigned readings were current. That hasn’t always been the case in other ELPA courses.”
  • “Julie Kallio was an EXCELLENT instructor. She made the concept of improvement and change personal and meaning to each one of us. She was able to connect small changes to larger system changes and bring experts in to discuss this with us. She was outstanding to learn from.”
  • “I was very impressed with this course, I thought that the guest speakers Julie brought in were very valuable. I’ve gotten more out of her course than any other course I’ve taken these past two semesters at Madison.”

Teaching Assistant, School-Level Leadership, University of Wisconsin, Fall 2018.

Instructor, Organizational Theory Graduate Seminar, University of Wisconsin, Summer 2017. Syllabus here. Teaching Evaluation here.

  • “Julie did a great job facilitating the independent projects.”
  • “Julie has great knowledge & I enjoyed the periods of direct instruction for a summer course.”
  • “The teacher is very patient about giving me feedback and guiding.”

Middle School Educational Technology Coordinator, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. 2011-2014.

7th Grade Science Teacher, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. 2009-2011.

Dorm Parent, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. 2010-2014.

6-9th Grade Science and Math Teacher, The Bement School, Deerfield, Massachusetts, 2006-2009.

Outdoor Education Instructor, AstroCamp, Idyllwild, California, 2006.

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