I want my students to connect with the course material and with each other to create a local network of ideas and expertise. To this end, I organize my classes to engage student interest by providing a range of topics and formats for final projects. Similarly, I seek to build relationships with through regular meetings, such as 1:1 conferring with me, and structured collaborative activities, such as design projects.


Instructor, Theory and Practice in Educational Planning, University of Wisconsin, Spring 2019.

Teaching Assistant, School-Level Leadership, University of Wisconsin, Fall 2018.

Instructor, Organizational Theory Graduate Seminar, University of Wisconsin, Summer 2017. Syllabus here. Teaching Evaluation here.

  • “Julie did a great job facilitating the independent projects”

  • “Julie has great knowledge & I enjoyed the periods of direct instruction for a summer course.”

  • “The teacher is very patient about giving me feedback and guiding.”

Middle School Educational Technology Coordinator, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. 2011-2014.

7th Grade Science Teacher, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. 2009-2011.

Dorm Parent, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland, Oregon. 2010-2014.

6-9th Grade Science and Math Teacher, The Bement School, Deerfield, Massachusetts, 2006-2009.

Outdoor Education Instructor, AstroCamp, Idyllwild, California, 2006.

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