Rescuing Time, Part 2: Productivity Tools

I love me some organization!

Though I’m not always neat, I like things to be where they should be. The tools listed below are an odd assortment of ways I manage my computer, my work, and my classroom.

Resource share of productivity tools:

For your Mac

  1. Rescue Time: This downloads onto your computer, and you preset what applications and websites are deemed productive or distracting, then it monitors your usage. You can set productivity goals or alerts that let you know when you’ve been too distracted.
  2. WebDesktop: This allows you to put a website on the background of your desktop. I use it to show my Google Calendar, which keeps me organized for appointments and meetings.
  3. Good old Stickies: Application that comes on your OS X. They save automatically, you can collapse and organize them, and it gives you a place to put random notes (that you would have previously put on an actual sticky).

In Google Apps

  1. Calendars. I’d be lost without mine.
  2. Self Grading forms: script-based Flubaroo, array formulas (happy to share how to do this).
  3. Collections = automatic sharing: share a collection and then just drop your docs in rather than having to go to each document and share it.


  1. CalenGoo ($6.99) or GooCal (Free): I personally use CalenGoo, but they both work. Or you can link the native iOS Calendar app to all your Google Calendars by using this link.
  2. WunderList (Free): You can share lists, check off items, put attach items to dates.
Please leave comments with YOUR suggestions – what do you use?

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