Guest Post: Using Facebook to Connect with Other Band Teachers

This is our SECOND guest post! Nancy Teskey shares how she uses Facebook to grow professionally. How do you connect with resources? What does your Personal Learning Network look like? See this past post for more info on starting your own PLN.


I’m on Facebook. A lot. Every night. But while I DO chat with old high school friends and argue politics with a few folks, I spend most of my time on professional groups. I’m a member of Facebook groups called, “Oregon Band Directors” – 226 members and “Band Directors” – 7,768 members nationwide. While there is occasional chit-chat, the vast majority of what is posted and commented upon is the very best professional development I’ve found lately.

At OES, I’m the only person who teaches what I teach.  I do chat with Jeri and Adam of course, but I don’t have anyone to go to with a question like, “what is a good march for my beginning sixth grade band that would help them learn dotted quarter notes?”  or  “what is the best trumpet mouthpiece for an intermediate player with braces?”  I can post questions such as these and within ten minutes get a dozen meaty answers from band directors all over the country.

Through these groups, I’ve borrowed pep band music from the director at Lake Oswego HS for our homecoming, gotten advice on where to find recordings of older pieces, gotten recommendations for a trombone teacher for a student, and gotten advice on the best saxophone reeds. In all cases, answers and suggestions came within minutes. Quicker than emailing across the OES campus at times!

Most of you have colleagues at OES who teach what you teach – but even if you do, wouldn’t it be cool to hear about what they’re teaching in Eugene? Or Bend? Or Nashville? Or Boston? Dig around Facebook – it’s not just for pictures of backyard flowers, political rants or silly cartoons anymore!

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