Resources for Speed Geeking

During our Professional Growth and Development day, I’ll be leading a speed geeking session on using RSS feeds in Google Reader. (The tech department got the idea for speed geeking from Kim Cofino.)

We will start with a brief tour of Google Reader:

Finding good blogs:

I think the hardest thing with trying to find blogs that will be interesting is finding the FIRST one. So I’ve created a bundle of my favorite blogs that you can check out: Click this link and then click the “Subscribe button.”


I tend to scroll through my reader a couple times per week. I often get a couple really interesting articles that I like, but I long ago gave up trying to read everything.

Mobile reading:

One reason that I like having everything online is that I read a lot on my iPhone, which can access my google reader through safari or through an app. (I’ve just started playing around with “Feedly,” but there are dozens of apps for reading.)

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