How do you share?

After you teach that amazing class – where the discussion was lively, the students engaged, and the transformation of understanding palpable – what do you do? Do you celebrate with your colleague at the desk next to you? Do you put it as your Facebook status? Do you share with your division head?

When you teach that class that didn’t quite go as planned – where the questions fell flat, the activity was too simple, the students’ eyes glazed over – what do you do? Do you ask a colleague for help? Do you debrief with a mentor? Do you ask a couple kids what went wrong?

“We remain open as learners when we remember to listen to ‘What do you think?” – Chris Lehmann

We need to share, and more than just at the lunch table. Why? Because sharing gives us new perspectives to explore and stimulates conversation.

While there are many ways you can share these days (blogging, twitter, nings, full-on conferences), EdCamp is a great way to share your ideas with teachers from other schools in the area. There is no sign up fee or deadline. We are lucky enough to be hosting the next one on Saturday, May 12th, at OES, 9am-4pm. I’ll be there – how about you?

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