This isn’t a new tool, but I seem to continue to find ways to use it.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I’ll be presenting at NCCE in March. I’ve begun my literature review phase in trying to dig up a whole bunch of resources to read or reread. I found my way to gamification.org and wanted to save it. So I made a new notebook for my gaming presentation and used the Safari webclipper (best thing ever) to automatically put it in the “Gaming presentation” notebook with the tag “research” and a couple notes about he site. I love that it goes in with one click!

I think I’ll make a note that outlines my research process and timeline.

I also have the Evernote app on my phone and iPad (yes, there are many devices in this household!) so if I’m reading on either of those, I can also put things into the notebook and it will all sync. Perfectly. Hopefully.

I still keep a pad of paper for doodling and brainstorming – I haven’t, and probably won’t ever, gone completely paperless.

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