The end of #FacebookFreeFebruary

What started as a big deal is no longer such a big deal. This elimination diet worked great!

  • After the first weekend of feeling cut off and alone, I realized that I needed the support that those people offer, so I allowed myself to go on Facebook for the two groups that are important to me: Mary’s Moms and the CrossFit Nutrition group.
  • I do not need to spend hours going through the “fakebooked” feed. See this mom’s rant against the perfect appearance that people put forward.
  • Will I reinstall the app? I’m not sure. I honestly feel like I wasted less time by not having it on my phone. I could still get to my groups when I wanted, but having that small barrier got me out of the reflex to open and scroll. Maybe I just shouldn’t have it on the first screen!
  • I’ve definitely shifted to posting on my blog and tweeting more. Success!

Bottom line: The online relationships will build are REAL, emotion, and important. When we tell kids to “just turn it off”, we ignore the importance, and we need to help them learn how to manage it in their lives.

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