Pinterest instead of Instagram

Pinterest instead of Instagram

My last post was about trying to get myself to use instagram more as I think about visual culture and different ways of social networking. Ironically, as I was struggling with Instagram, I found myself spending time on Pinterest. What?

When I first joined Pinterest a year ago, I didn’t like it. I couldn’t find images I liked, I didn’t know who to follow, and I didn’t really have a mission. I also didn’t understand that it was about pinning things from the web, not just searching pictures other people had posted. This past week, I downloaded the e-book The No Brainer Wardrobe from Tiny Twig. Love the book, and I spent much of Mother’s Day reorganizing my closet (i.e. hanging up all the clothes piled in the corner). One of her tasks is to use Pinterest to find outfits you like in order to determine your style. It took some trial and error to find the search terms that worked, but I finally stumbled onto “Capsule Wardrobes.” Here’s a link to my wardrobe board.

I think Instagram was too hard for me as a starting point because I got stuck trying to take the pictures. Maybe I put too much pressure on finding the exact picture. My number one favorite subject for pictures right now is clearly my son, but I didn’t want to have tons of pictures of him on a public feed. So, regroup, redirect, learn.

It all comes back to how this informs my beliefs on education, and it reinforces for me how important timing can be for each individual. Not every student is going to be ready for a project at the same time, so we need to allow them choice (using Pinterest instead of Instagram to increase my exposure to visual culture) and personalization (wardrobe ideas is clearly not “professional” but this personal use will improve my teaching).

Now I finally understand why people say, “Happy Pinning!”

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