Summertime playtime no-tech time


Signing off…

This summer my goal is to use Facebook less, carry my phone less, turn the radio off in the house and in the car in order to disconnect from work and be present with myself and my family. As I’ve written about before, I think I generally find a pretty good balance with my technology, but recently I’ve felt that when I see my devices, I feel like there is something that I’m supposed to be doing. I am notoriously unable to sit still as it is, but now that I am spending a lot of my day monitoring the little one, I have a constant ticker in the back of my head listing the chores, errands, and projects I should be doing.

What I AM going to do, is

  1. Walk with my dogs early in the morning
  2. Play in the dirt
  3. Swim, Bike
  4. Travel to see family
  5. Spend time at OMSI and splash pads
  6. Watch Downton Abbey with my husband
  7. Eat coconut ice cream
  8. Relish not being pregnant

I also have a long list of summer reading books, but the three that must be read are:

  1. Brain Rules, by John Medina – I’m offering this to the 8th grade for summer reading
  2. Invent to Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom, By Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary Stager – I’m reading this with SIGIS and our tech and science departments
  3. Sticks and Stones, by Emily Bazelon – Our critical friends group is reading it together and will have a book clubby type meeting in August

And what better way to end the year by looking forward to next! It is deeply satisfying for me to look back through my goals for this year and take stock of what I’ve done and where I want to go. An end and beginning together.

My goals for next year:

1. Gaming and programming

  • SimCity – possibly connecting with another school, involving history and math
  • Scratch – boosting the 6th science project
  • 3DGameLab potentially in 6th library/tech
  • Find a curricular place for MinecraftEdu
  • Start after school club or group to work on game design and/or programming – maybe find a Girl Scout Troop?

2. Digital footprints

  • Continue my own blogging, create a visual resume in Illustrator, and finish my “engaging beyond” page
  • Start working with other teachers on the development of their portfolios and digital footprints linked to the Essential Competencies

3. Continue to seek balance amongst family, work, dorm, other professional commitments, exercise, and personal time.


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