Klingenstein “Pearls”


Most of you guys know that in june I attended the Klingenstein Summer Institute for new teachers.  Here are a few “Pearls” of wisdom:

  • Don’t think of it as “change” – it is really just continuous improvement.
  • “When everything is graded, when can [students] fail?” – Kelley Nicholson Flynn, science leader teacher
  • Does it require “the power of the group?” – Josh Pretzer, science leader teacher – when referring to whether or not to assign collaborative work.
  • Growth mindset: try, fail, learn.
  • 1% change: Don’t try to change everything at once – Gary Giberson, founder of Sustainable Fare, Lawrenceville’s dining services.
  • All my best assignments meet Stipek’s 5 dimensions of motivation:
    1. need for sense of competency
    2. need for sense of self-determination
    3. need for interpersonal connection
    4. need for sense of purpose, meaning, or relevance
    5. interest
  • “Every idea I’ve had has been improved by others” – Pearl Rock Kane, co-founder and school leadership visionary
Many of these probably don’t make complete sense without context, but I’d be more than happy to buy you a cup of coffee and elaborate!

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