Tech Leadership – Blogging Challenge

I posted earlier about a blog challenge to write about good technology leadership.

Here are my brief thoughts about good leadership in general:
Good leaders share. Information, reasons, expectations, ideas.
Good leaders balance. The long view with the immediate; the theoretical with the practical; the kids, he parents, the teachers; academic, social-emotional, physical; tradition, innovation; time.
Good leaders ask questions. They know the people, the program, the culture.
Good leaders do not need a title to be a leader. “Leadership is a behavior, not a position.” – Pearl Kane

Interesting quote:
“The responsibility of educators is to ensure that today’s students are ready to live, learn, work, and thrive in this high-tech, global, highly participatory world.” – Cheryl Lemke, Innovation Through Technology, 21st Century Skills, (ed. Bellanca, Brandt): p. 244.

Relevance for OES?
1. Participating in a blog challenge is one way to be connected to your PLN (personal learning network). By reading this post, you are connecting to other educators, and I’m excited to be sharing resources that I have found.
2. This helps me be a better teacher, colleague, edtech, leader, problem-solver. (Just getting this posted included writing it in Word, typing it into my iPhone WordPress app, learning a little html, and posting from the Minneapolis airport!)

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